• Ahoora Festival's Ambassadors

For your convenience we have chosen our ambassadors carefully for you to get connected , ask your questions, get your guidance, and solve any unforeseen issues regarding to ahoora festival. You can also buy your pre-sale tickets, transportation to and from the festival and any other facility that we will announce. Alternatively you can still buy your tickets online here or contact us directly.

Please Note: Price of the ticket to buy from ambassadors for the phase one pre-sale tickets is 75€ (5€ less than  online shop). 

India & Worldwide / Vikram

Iran & Worldwide / Arishtat

E-Mail : arishtatt@gmail.com

FaceBook : Arishtat

Armenia / Hay Psy

European Union / Philip

Georgia / Treebal

E-Mail :  info@treebal.ge

Gulf Countries / Jafar

Kazakhstan / Zhanna

Phone : +7 777 2060617

Whats App : +7 775 5853811

FaceBook : Zhanna Thugmiss

Lebanon / Nino Kayal

Malaysia / Jamal

Russia / Pablo

Sweden / Armin

Turkey / Mike

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