Digital Reality Underground proudly present:
Revision Festival & Ahoora Festival teaser Sweden
(Digital Reality Vol.8)
♦ An Open Air / Outdoor Event ♦

πŸ‘‰ Our vision since we run & started Digital Reality events, has always been into the underground scene and support the new upcoming and talented artists and labels and promoters!
We are happy to host this event and make one of the very first open air of the season for you all, we figure out for a good and summer-weather, but we have a plan B (a very cozy indoor location) in case of bad weather! But we hope for a good weather πŸ˜‰

We have got the honor to make a teaser party for
( Revision Festival & Ahoora Festival )
you can find more information about these two promising festivals in the end of the Description in the below!

Btw, Once again we are going to host a label night πŸ˜€
After doing ( Iono Music ) showcase, ( Zenon Record Night )
The first ( Zero1Music ) label night ever & also the only and first
( Parvati Records ) night in Sweden, this time, we put our experience and effort to bring you to one of the most legandary Psychedelic labels and what we call #Forest genre or #Scando genre today: ( #Sanaton label night + friends )
Item: #PsyTrance #Forest, #Twilight #NightPsy #DarkPsy

ΰ₯ΰ₯ΰ₯ Line UP ΰ₯ΰ₯ΰ₯

β–Ί Braindrop ( Omveda Records ) ( India ) Live

β–Ί Makadam ( Sanaton Records / Lost Theory Records ) (Sw) Live

β–Ί Hellquist (Zenon Records) (Sweden) Live

β–Ί Donkey Shot ( Sanaton Records ) (Sweden) Live

β–Ί Kim Molokow ( Sanaton Records / Oval Harmonique ) (Sweden)
( Experimental Alternative PsyChill )

β–Ί #Gojja ( Sanaton Records / Lost Theory Records )(Sweden)
( Dark Progressive / Progressive Forest )

β–Ί #Zloj ( Moon Koradji Records / MindGamers ) (SW) Djset

β–Ί Simon Bohlin aka BΓ€verdisco (Sweden) Djset

β–Ί SkyVibes (Occulta/Omveda) (Sweden / Iran) Djset

Time Table TBA!

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OBS! Only members can attend this event, so please make sure to register yourself, If you are already a memebr from our previous parties, then you donΒ΄t need to do it again and you will receive an email from us with all information about the event!

Limited Pre-Sale Tickets for Only 160 SEK are available now!
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β˜… Crystal Clear Soundsystem by MindGamers Crew
( Nexo Alpha Sound )

β˜… Decoration by Digital Reality Crew

β˜… Open Air / Outdoor event in Secret Forest Location ( TBA )

β˜… Cozy Chillout Area

β˜… Bar with Drinks & Vegan / Vegetarian, Non Veg Foods

β˜… Our previous events πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ

β˜… Also make sure to attend our biggest production ever,
WeΒ΄ve got the honour to make Universo Paralello Festival Teaser Sweden on 31th August in Stockholm! more info:
πŸ‘‰ Universo Paralello Festival Teaser Sweden πŸ‘ˆ

♦ Read more about Revision Festival 10-15 July in #Greece ♦

πŸ‘‰ After our visit from beautiful Revision Festival second Edition in Greece, we strongly believe this upcoming & promising festival is a great new addition to the international festivals & is going to be one of the best festivals in a very future soon!

Do you like to be at a festival with a limited number of ppl and not so crowd? At the same time with highest level of production from best underground music, best sound system, decor & visual ? An amazing location just next to the crystal clear ocean 🏝 Super cheap yummy food & drinks & much more
Event on FB:
Revision Festival 2019 – 3rd Edition β†’
Pre-Sale tickets to #Revision2019 β†’

♦ Read more About Ahoora Festival 5-9 September in #Aremnia ♦

πŸ‘‰ Persian Global Community crew, has been making successful events and gatherings in different parts of the globe, this time they have put their experience and effort to make a new gathering of art and culture including a wide spectrum of both organic and electronic underground-music, visuals, paintings, handcrafts and many more forms of expressive arts together for the first time in Armenia.
This is going to be such a massive and unique experience for all the free people who don’t put limits on their desire to explore new places, finding new interesting ideas, meet new like-minded souls and simply expand their consciousness.
Line Up & more info about
Ahoora Festival 2019 β†’
Event on FB β†’
Pre-sale tickets for #Ahoora2019 β†’

& Stay tuned for more info!
Yours, Digital Reality Underground / Secret Garden Sweden, Lavrys / BLAST YOUR MIND / Revision Festival / Persian Global Community, Ahoora Festival crews!