Ararat Stage Live Act

  • Bethad ( Gloom Music ) Spain

Bethad borns from the head of Dave, a young Ibizan, who around 2013 begins his curiosity about the production. After many hours of study and experimentation, realizing that it´s one of his passions in 2016 he started his project by publishing his first track on the promisng Underground label GLOOM MUSIC and from there he became part of the label as a producer. Currently at his 22 years old after participating in different V.A.’s, he is playing his live and renovating it every day. His music, of kind Dark-Forest between 152 to 158 bpm, is characterized by a dynamic and creative style, with a lot of variables of FM´s linked to dark atmos and bearing percussions that in sets is presented as a stream of organic and fresh sound.