Ararat Stage Live Act

  • Daash ( Osom Music / Discovally / Serraphaana ) India

Daash Saxena From India. Known as Daash / Za7ZaY began His Experiments with Electronic Music after 4 years of Dj ing, As a Disco Valley Dj He played based in goa from year 2005 – 2007 Based in Goa He began working on making music under the influence of some of the best known artists of this time. 
Daash in 2005 entered Disco Valley Studio In Goa and began creating his own blend of hardcore psychedelic music, the tracks created were often played at big events by Disco Valley Label Head Teo. There were soon a few tracks that were released on DVR s Chapora Tribal Dance, The world we live in Triton, Fiery world ( tantra Sonic rec ), and his own new VA Back to the Beast on Serraphanaa Records.
Daash s Music is a harmonic ensemble of crisp dynamic leads and beautiful atmospheres, added with sophisticated drumming, the ensemble of sound is then taken through an amazing journey that sets heart racing thru the distant drumming of the twisted patterns forming a spectralscape of hypnotic melodies.
Daash is currently compiling the 3rd Serraphanaa Records VA.