Ararat Stage Live Act

  • Dreamstalker ( Zenon Rec / Merkaba / Samaa ) Russia

Exotic Trance is the best way to mark Dreamstalker’s music. Inspired by many genres of electronic and traditional ethnic music, every track is a unique blend of colours, every time new and exiting. 

First Album “Eclectronica” was released in 2012 and gave a big resonance in psychill community — it was an intelligent idm-ish chillout with Psy-Trance touch. 

Second work “Digital Inllusions” released by Canadian Altar Records in late 2012 came as more Psygressive experiment.

Next stop was Zenon records with Album “Sensorial Experience” which opened way to melodic Psy-Trance wuth natural touch of world instruments, especially powerful flute player Avi Adir.

Working with Zenon-artists gave a way to Remix Album “Zen Remixes” with tracks from Kliment, Ivort, Zeamoon, Sourone and Merkaba remixed by Dreamstalker.

June 2016 was marked with new Album “Memory”, released by Merkaba music. Where Dreamstalker gives a new edge of psygressive chillout music. 

Supported by: Zenon, Altar, Merkaba, Uroboros, Microcosmos, Trimurti, Hadra, GlitchyTonic, Electric Power Pole, Asisozial, Joof.