Ararat Stage Live Act

  • Earthling ( Zero1 Music ) UK
Celli has been a mainstay of of the global Psychedelic Trance scene for over 20 years, since first immersing himself in it on the island of Ibiza in the early 90’s. He released his first track on TIP records in 1999, and has gone on to release 5 albums and over 150 individual tracks as a solo producer, and a further 5 albums with his collaboration projects Everblast Project (Earthling and Chromatone) Soundaholix , and @Vatos Locos & The Rave Commission…. Celli is the man behind well known Zero1 Music label. he has taken his music around the world, playing peak time sets to thousands at all the biggest events in the scene. The roster of labels he has released on is a ‘who’s who’ of labels who have shaped the psytrance sound over the last two decades, and includes Nano, TIP, Spun, Future Music, Grasshopper and Ministry of Sound., Nano Records & much more