Ararat Stage Live Act

  • Noctilus ( Wudagabeda / Parvati Records ) Germany

Noctilus is a project formed by Georg Bauer from Berlin, Germany.

Born in an artist family, he early came into contact with music, attended a music high school, where he was teached in playing piano, music theory and music history. Beside he was playing bass guitar in several bands.

He came to earth in Berlin. But having grown up close to the „Goa Highway“ in northern germany he started to visit psy trance events in 2001… After studying music in Rostock, nothern germany, he started to produce electronic music with a passion for psy trance and downbeat in 2005 and came back to Berlin in 2007.

Now he is running the two projects Noctilus and Nocti Luca succesfully and is playing around europe and beyond, but also producing for movie soundtracks and similar jobs.

With Noctilus he creates a style wich is serving groovy moving basslines and a soundworld on top, that seems to be taken directly out of a forest. Frogs, birds, any kind of creatures talking to you and to each other, jumping around in mystical atmospheres, driven by twisting elements… Playing around 148-152 bpm, creating dark, serious and deep moments, but always keeping a friendly attitude, Noctilus is making you spin and smile on the dancefloor…