• Dayana ( Atman Tribe / Sacred Sound Records ) Italy

DAYANA (Darkpsy Love / Sacred Sound / Atman Tribe / The Solution), from Italy, discovered psytrance in Barcelona in 2007. After one yearr, she bought pioneer and started to play, thanks to all people who listened to her sessions, she was invited to play on her first party, Mamandawa in Sabadell. From there she began Dj, and she started playing in amazing festivals like Atman Festival, Master of Puppets, Universe Parallelo, parties in Goa, and of course parties and festivals in Spain.

She combines her personal project with Dark Chocolate, a hitech project with Psynonima, and also she is part of The Solution : a collective of female DJs and producers, founded in 2015 in Goa and organizes parties all over the world.
And part from Atman Tribe since 2016, playing in all the editions in srilanka.

Her sessions are great stories, with evolutions of the bpm, to take the dancefloor to incredible places.

OtherSide she also mix chill and techno, and she is investigating the digital world to produce her own music. To evolve in the world of sound and to understand the notes, the chords and the mixes, she made 2 years of music school in Barcelona.