• Spootnik ( Euphorik / ExoTrip ) France
Spootnik AKA Thomas, was born in 1994 near Lyon. From a very early age he was immersed into music. He was initially attracted to Rock and Metal genres, but he developed quickly a passion for electronic music vibes and universe.
At the age of 16 he discovered the world of TRANCE and its multiple aspects. Amazed by the deepness and complexity of this musical universe, he decides to expand its knowledge about this music.
In 2012 was his first time behind the decks , and ever since he has been constantly evolving his sets, both technically and musically, with always the same passion. One year later in 2013 he
met Thiskah , a young DJ full of talent and energy.
As their friendship grew, they decided with somes friends to create a Trance and Techno collective, EUPHORIK.
During this year 2013, Spootnik emerges andstarts to make a name for himself. He plays at many parties in Paris and its suburbs, mainly in underground free parties but also in clubs, supported in particular by another growing group, Aztechno, now very active on the Parisian scene.
In October 2014 he took part in a competition that he won. As a reward, he was able to play the Warm up mix at “Psychedelight festival”
In december 2017 Spootnik started a Brazil tour and had the chance to perfome at 303 Stage – Universo paralello festival