• Zhanna ( Pixan Recordings ) Kzakhastan

It took a while till DJane ZHANNA started to listen to electronic music. As a teenager she used to listen to Old School Hip Hop and her idol was 2Pac Shakur. She knew all his lyrics and started to rap and freestyle. 
Old School Hip Hop was a first level which brang the importance of music in her life. 
In 2004 along with an a opening of Da Freak club she discovered styles like techno and break beat, and became a real clubber. This was the time when she started to think of a DJ’ing and finding her own style.
In 2006 Zhanna gets a DJ nickname THUGMISS and chooses Intelligent Drum’N’Bass as her main style. She starts her career and plays in many clubs and lounge bars of the town.
In 2008 she makes the first Dubstep party in Almaty, Kazakhstan. And makes the series of them each month in “Underground Club”.
Same year for the first time in Almaty she makes series of parties “Broken Beats” in “Amadu Bar” where she combines styles like: Old School Hip Hop, Break Beat, Drum’N’Bass and Dubstep.
In 2010 Zhanna makes “Liquidizer” party with Liquidfunk Drum’N’Bass in the best club of Almaty “Da Freak”.

In 2011 she comes to Goa for the first time and everything changes after that! When she came to real Goa party, she fall in love with a cosmic beat of psy trance, same time she realized that she wants to play it. 
And already in the middle of January she plays her first Goa set at Curlies and leaves her real name ZHANNA as her DJ name. After she played in the many parties in Goa.
Also DJane ZHANNA became an orginizer of such Goa parties as: Ladies Free-Q Night at West End, Insomnia at West End, Dubstep and Drum’N’Bass Fridays at West End, Psy Ladies Night every saturday at Curlies.

The obtained experience in versatile styles helped DJane ZHANNA to be perfect at mixing technic. She always gives her smile and powerfull positive vibes to the dance floor along with a breath-taking music.