• Zoomorphic ( Ahoora Festival / Persian PsyTech ) Iran

At the night of full moon, was born 1981 at Iran.
His first encounter with the Psychedelic Trance scene happened in 2003.
In 2005 he moved to Cyprus to live from Persia.

In Cyprus there are many underground artists and psychedelic parties,And it helped him to gain experience.
That experience changed his life and the way he was looking at the world : his music sense, his values and…..in one word: Everything.
It was the beginning of his Psychedelic journey !! 
next step was in 2008 when he started Psychedelic Trance DJ career in cyprus.
him style of psychedelic music is Dark psytrance/Forest and DarkTech.
He returned to Persia in 2012 and continued to work underground.
if you could have a chance,Dance with him. he can take you to the Another dimension.